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Hatching Eggs and chicks available weekly

June 1 Over Hatch AvailableJune 1 Over Hatch Available


Chicks Available -June 1-2022 Over Hatch
4 Opal legbar females ( 2 males)
10 Black Copper Marans
4 mosaics
10 welsh harlequin
2 buff orpington ducklings
* chicks are unsexed, straight run unless stated

Hatching nuggets to ship Mon June 6 0r p/u
2 dozen true ameraucana
1 dozen olive (3 cocoa eggers )
1 dozen opal legbar ( last eggs flock is sold)
1 dozen chocolate ameraucana
2 dozen bcm
1 dozen golden crele legbar
1 dozen rainbow dozen
1 dozen cream legbar
1 dozen barred blue supermint
1 dozen welsh harlequin 
1 dozen buff eggs

Preorders for hatching eggs and chicks now open. Next scheduled hatches are June 6, June 13, June 20 and June 30. I will then be hatching for myself this summer.  I will hatch you a custom hatch from MY BIRDS only (not other’s eggs) into the summer by deposit only. 
Jean’s cell 403-507-3109 ( text or call)